Sunday, November 8, 2009

I take Pictures of MA FACE

I love to travel. I travel a lot. This does not mean I am one that buys T shirts that say I went to Hawaii and all I got was this Tshirt, or a magnet that says Reno: the biggest little dump of your life, or a hat that says San Fran; talented homeless people for your buck, or Scottsdale: our home is a desert with houses. Although I hate to admit it sometimes I end up where all the fanny pack carrying, map holding, visor wearing older people end up. I love these people. But then sometimes I end up where the girl that talks or texts on her phone with her friends 24/7 is at. The only thing that these two groups have in common is simply they both are lugging around a device that can capture that moment they are having for the rest of their life. They both in some way have a camera attached to their body. As these groups approach the landmark they approach the pictures they want in different ways. The old woman will always motion old man to get in the picture, the old man then complains but still goes with it. then they both get up and ask somebody to take the picture. This is OK. everyone knows that old people are cute and funny. then you have the young 20 somethings girls that get to the landmark to take their picture. The reaction is usually different. They usually dont read the signs that explain the landmark and they go straight for the picture. Now some of these places have plenty of people around to help them with photos. They simply dont ask. They go and fluff up there hair a little bit. Pooch their lips out in some crazy face, extend their left hand, then hit the button that captures that moment of their head covering 75% of the picture. If it doesnt turn out the first time they repeat the motion til it comes out facebook profile picture perfect. Then after that moment is captured they invite one of their bffs to jump in the picture with them. they both then go through the motion. These girls should have a t shirt that reads " Grand canyon; i sacrificed a picture of one of the most beautiful places on earth to take a picture of my head covering it, now i can have a cool caption underneath my pics, omg im at the grand canyon" or " I went to the great wall of china and all i got was this stupid picture of my face with pooch lips." This weekend as I was in zions national park I watched as a girl took a picture of herself while on her cell phone with pooched lips. Im pretty sure that was a great FB profile pic. Im glad you traveled to a beautiful place to take pictures of your face