Monday, April 5, 2010

Bro Schedule

11:00 AM- Wake up to alarm clock blaring Creeds greatest hits, fold Ed Hardy PJs, Make sure hair is still in perfect shape from previous night
11:15- Study self in mirror to still make sure you are the alpha male
12:00- Shower using only the finest of Axe ointments
12:15- Stand over humidifier filled with aqua di gio, get dressed, wifebeater, true religions, affliction t
12:30- Hair time, gel overload
1:00- Inspiration time- Watch Jersey Shore and UFC on split screen for motivation
1:30- Get in lifted truck with volcom sticker, crank up the limp bizkit on the zune and go
2:00- Bro arrival at school, meets with another bro, cracks open a six pack of muscle milk and red bulls and sit in the hall
3:00- Bro goes to class, usaully sits by bleach blonde girl, Bro talks about his strong forearms and his business major, usually invited girl to his study group, if another bro is in the room this will usually result in a bro-block (flexing pecs to draw in the female)
4:15- Bro gets out of class and he is ultra torqued, listens to kings of leon on the zune to calm his nerves, drinks a muscle milk, figures it time to work
4:30- Bro goes to work at the library or school bookstore not as an employee but as a recruiter, Greets others with Whacchu doing this summer? Then tells them about his deal he has to sell something door to door and how you can get chicks all summer
5:00- Bro needs to refuel with red bull and spray on tan
6:00- Heads over to throw down to practice grappling other men
7:00- Prepares for the sun to go down, Re gel hair, Re axe spray body, put on sunglasses ( this is essential to Bro-ness, someone once said nobody but blind people and douches wear sunglasses at night)
8:30- Load friends up in lifted truck
9:00- Del Taco, 7/11, ride around freshman dorms
10:00- attend local club, drink energy drink again, go dance-rape a girl, then try to get on another girl, go look in the bathroom mirror and say the bro mantra, which is "I am the alpha male, all women want me, all men want to be me, I am the alpha male"
11:00- Go hut tubbing with Chicks
12:00- Take the chicks around in your truck
2:00- Curl up in your Ed Hardy Bed sheets and lay to sleep,
2:15- send out booty call text
2:30- accidently fall asleep and dream of a land full of spray on tanned girls with white/blonde hair


  1. your blog made my day. i literally laughed out loud in the middle of a finance lecture. it was awesome.

  2. booty call texts. this should not be limited to just bros as a nightly ritual, but everyone we both know.