Thursday, April 22, 2010

Your annoying on Facebook

Everyone has facebook. Your boss, your mom,your half retarded cousin, the guy who was a nerd in high school and now has tats galore, the one kid you thought was gay who turned out to be gay, the aunt that you hate at christmas, the kid in class that smelled like fritos all the time. You get the point if they breathe and can type they got facebook.As great as this tool is for alot of things there are certain people who annoy me on this social networking site.
1) The dude who likes everything regardless. He likes all your events, status, photos, and comments no matter how crazy it is. You can put on there that you just found out you have cancer and for some reason this guy will thumbs up that crap.
2) Constant status updater. Why do I care if you are eating 5 guys? why do i care if somebody is giving you a weird look? why do i care if you have four finals left?
3) Farmville request. Cmon man. Stop sending me requests. If I could be William Sherman and burn your farm to the ground, I might play it. If I could have a farm ran by the drug cartel and come kill your farmers, I might play it. Overall stop sending me requests.
4) The creepster add. Theres always a fine line, should I add this person or not? But then there is the creepster add with the message affixed. Like "hey remember me from Meteorology class" No man I dont, I took that crap online. Why are you adding me? Isnt 180000 friends for you enough?
5) The misplaced comment. i.e. Ryan Cason likes pancakes : comment- hey long time, how are you?. Fool that has nothing to do with pancakes.

Oh facebook sometimes I have you just to make fun of others. Someone should really make a faux pas list of facebook and invite people to join that group/cause

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  1. If I could like this I would. Including the part about you having cancer, I would thumbs up all over that.