Monday, June 21, 2010

Where are the normal folk?

I have learned that there are a lot of great people in this world. I have also learned there are a lot of odd people in this world. I enjoy both. It seems that there are places that act as a mecca for weirdos. To find older weirdos please attend any local Cracker Barrel. Its simple this place has all the makings of people who will say crazy senile things. Checker Boards,rocking chairs, moon pies, christmas trinkets all year round, and biscuits.What else has all these features? A convolescant home. Add meds and you are simply in a convolascent home cafteria. If you ever want to see the creepy old man you dont want to become eating chicken livers on a saturday morning, please attend this establishment. To find the pre-teen weirdos is the mall. Who really goes to the mall once you are over 13? The mall is self explanatory. The "I got something to prove, alpha male weirdo" can be found at any establishment that is open 24 hours. These guys go to the extreme. Nothin like a chicken soft taco at 4 AM or a stack of flapjacks from Ihop at 3 AM. Nothing says cool like hanging with your bros and being loud and obnoxious in the early AM. But the "I might be a serial killer or potential rapist or running from something weirdo" can be found at a few places. I tend to however find these guys on plane rides longer than two hours. You know that guy who hogs the armrest, has a combover, a short sleeve button down shirt, and smells like corn nuts when he doesnt have any? thats this weirdo. These guys talk about everything. They talk about their divorce, their childhood, and all their problems. These are the guys who get from vacation and sit in their cubicle hating life. These are the guys that fly and sit beside you. I have never and probably will never sit by a normal human while flying. They always ask Where you headed? where do you think im headed fool, this aint no bus or taxi an airplane doesnt drop you off along the way, it has a destination. The "name dropping, acronym using, bleach blond weirdo" can be found a lot of places to. Mainly places that they can tweet or update the FB status on the go. "OMG, LOL, ROFcopter, I went to the tanning both and now at Yogurt" They are not that hard to find.


  1. Well said. Though you left out that you can find actual serial rapists by your house along the provo river. Just sayin'...

  2. I want you to know that I feel your pain, homie. I left Provo four days (not a minute more!) after graduating from BYU in April, and have never looked back. I take joy every single post you put up on here, and wanted to let you know you have a devoted fan. (Also, we have a friend in common, I think. You're friends with Jared Porter, right?)