Thursday, March 19, 2009


So i recently decided to make a last of things i am grateful for as part of a class project. Stuff like i am grateful not to stink, to have a nice family, and to be able to survive in the wilderness for long periods of time with no contact from society. This made me think: could i be homeless? And then i realized oh wait! I dont like homeless people. This has come thorugh continual exposure to homeless people. For two years i saw them. First i was christ like and was like oh wait a homeless person i will be nice and give them money. Now i am to the point if you are homeless and i am nice and you dont have manners, i am going to punch you in the throat. Example, the other day in SLC, I spy a homeless person I grab a random wad of cash and give it them. They respond with nothing. No thank you, No smile or headnod, I thought about saying your welcome to be a jerk. I refrained. Instead I walked away just knowing that if I become homeless I am going to be a grateful, portly, homeless man. I will dance for nickels and sing for quarters. This is not being mean or a punk, its just simple If you want my money homeless people, you better get loose to get your bottle of grey goose. also i would suck at being homeless cause i cant grow no facial hair because my momma is asian

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  1. even though you are not homeless, i would give you a couple nickels if you came over and danced for our house. it would be hilarious.