Wednesday, March 18, 2009

tailored pants and obnoxious honkeys

So this blog is basically dedicated to the white trash saltines that bring me down. So i like to have my pants tailored to make me feel like i got cash flow. the other day i go to a new tailor (ess), she looks at me all with the stank eye. i look at her with the stank eye. She then ask in her white trash mannerisms "what chu want", I then reply "this is a tailor shop, what you think i want?", I got to get my pants fitting right lady. So i step up on the stool she then proceeds to grab and tuck and asking how do i like my pants. I then tell her. The white trash queen then has a phone call probably from one of the following 1. her cousin who is the father of her child 2. her meth dealer 3. or a payday advance place looking for thier cash. She is talking on the phone frantically while still pinning my pants. Take into mind that this seamtress looks at though her hand eye coordination aint nothing to brag about. I could tell when somebody is uncoordinated. Or maybe its the massive amount of Pabsts Blue Ribbon that she gulped on her way to her seamstress haven. She might have been swervin you never know. Anyways so she is still talking and pinning. She is in the zipper region pinning. So next thing you know my white trash love affair is over as she has stabbed me with a pin and violated my happiness.Moral of the story: I got stabbed in the junk with a pin.Honkeys and pins dont mix. The End


  1. that is the best story i have read in a long time!!! thanks for the giggle.

  2. you are officially a riot - i got some solid laughter out of that one.