Monday, March 23, 2009

Crazy White kid

As I have attended college I have learned a few important things 1. you spend four years to learn how to become an employee 2. there is always a kid who listens to only his opinion in every class 3. there are alot of people trying to find themselves in college. So going off the third point that I have discovered in my college life, when people are trying to find themselves they usually base it off others. So the other day I am sitting in the hall of flags studying, making fun of others, and sipping on a Gatorade i took from the cafeteria, I notice a young white man. Now this was no ordinary white boy. He actually looked quite gangsteresque to say the least. This is how he appeared, Caucasian, baggy shorts, long black t, a Montreal expos hat tilted to the side straight bill, i pod, and a pair of air force ones. So anyways you think to yourself this guy is "hood". He comes and sits beside me, because one of his homeboys is a seat down. They start talking. This is how I appear at that moment, slacks, leather loafers, pinstripe shirt, paisley tie, hair fixed, and sipping on Gatorade. I think to myself, man this cousin of bubba sparks could only be from l.a or off the cast of I love New York 2. Anyways so he is talking to his boy about underground hip hop. I lean over to the guy eventually and say "hey man where you from?". This guy replies Wyoming.
WYOMING!!!!!!!!!!! you are hood from wyoming.

This is the part where i wanted to slap this son of a cattle driver in the face. I grew up as the minority in my high school, I understand hood and speak some ebonics. This fool is from WY. Thats right the state where there are more cows than people. The state where they have a white point guard and a white running back. The state where they carry guns to hunt not for protection. There population is 97% white and the state motto is equal rights. Equal rights for who? oh wait all the white people.So it goes back to my question: how can you be hood when you aint got a hood? I guess the mountains are ghetto. The only doo rags they wear is bandannas to keep dust out there face while ranching.

So this hood guy is talking like he is off of a lil wayne mixtape. He is using slang and garbage. The moral of the story is if you were in a real hood you would be dead. This guy was shooting dice at yahtzee with his family instead of shooting a dice in an alley sipping cognac. I dont run around saying vato or homes because i dont know any mexican gangsters.

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