Saturday, April 11, 2009

gots the money

So pretty much there are some things that i learned about utah in my living here. 1)guys wear more hair product then girls 2) people actually still shop at american eagle and abercrombie and think there cool 3)people are quick to start a "business" and claim they got bank 4) it snows way to much 5) everybody knows how to play an acoustic guitar no matter how bad they suck.
So as far as the third above listed. today i am driving to work. i get behind a saturn, this saturn has damage like it has been through hurricane katrina. Anyway the saturn abd i both go to the same gas station. He pulls to the gas pump so do i. I read the back of his car, it has a huge sticker that reads "want to make 50k a month from home, call me." Then i think man this guy in this beat up saturn is making 600k a year. He must not want to show his money. I then wait for this small business owner to step out to scope his attire. He is wearing a wife beater and pair of rustlers and flip flops. Ok so 600k a year cant buy a car better than a saturn, jeans better than rustlers, and a jacket to put over your hairy chest. So i kindly smile at the guy and say "man 50k a month is alot, what do you do?" he then looks at me and replies " real estate investing" I then look and say " what kind" he replies "well i got this interesting oppurtunity" I interrupt repeat "what kind" he then replies"hear me out" I then reply "commercial, residential, FSBOs, apartments, section 8, etc. etc." this guy looks at me and says "what do you do for income" i answer "i am a product of the recession" "i sell lightbubs" (this was a lie) he then replies " have you ever thought about starting your own business" and i said " can i end up like you?" he then says "sure can" I said "great" he then proceeded to tell me about all the money i can make. I then proceed to tell him about how i dont want to drive a saturn, wear rustlers, and wife beaters. This man got offended and drove off. He didnt even fill up his car. Two days later, I am getting an oil change see the same car in the parking lot. An attendant comes to my window. I look at the guy his shirt says "rob". it was the same "rob" who makes 50k a month. I said hey rob good to see you again. He gives me a snarl. I said oil change and i will tip you if you do a good job. I think this guy probably some how sabotaged my car or that he will kill me soon. If i die find Rob at the jiffy lube in Alpine Utah.


  1. that made me happy.
    by the way, you're a dick.

  2. this story can't be for real. it's too good. hilarious!