Thursday, January 26, 2012

Emotions through Emoticons

If a picture says 1000 words then an emoticon tells 0. Im not anti emoticon however im anti the over use of emoticons and acronyms whenever there is no use for it. The other day while in Smiths someone text me where are you? I reply smiths they reply "I <3 that store :) LOL" I text back "I didnt LUL" to which the response is ":).....K :)" So this would be acceptable if this were a 13 year old little sister. I dont have a teenage little sister. There are a few things wrong with this conversation. 1)we are grown ups 2) you saying you like Smiths does not make me laugh 3)it takes longer for me to find the <3 emoticon than to type out the word love. The only appropriate acronym to follow the first text would be K.M.I.T.F.C.I.S which means kick me in the face cause Im stupid. Duh. People dont understand how little a text will make me laugh out loud. Its semi psychotic to be going around laughing at a phone. Dont get me wrong ill laugh at funny texts all day but not to you liking Smiths. I will also laugh at the angry birds game. Why dont the birds snort or inject some Prozac? Thats a game I want Angry Prozac Birds Junkees and after you win the game you play a game like intervention.
The second text the :).....:) text looks like you were smiling then had a seizure and now you are recovered. Why does me not laughing cause such a happy seizure? I dont really understand why you are so satisfied with my sarcasm via text. I wish there was a im a sarcastic jerk sometimes emoticon. Maybe this person is so smiley because they are taking the Prozac thats supposed to be for angry birds. Ive decided to start texting ROFLcopter and that way whenever I text it I will have to get on the ground no matter where im at and spin on the ground laughing. My Emoticons will match my emotions from now on.

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